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Women in Business – Website Special!

Are you a woman with an expanding, growing internet business? Selling? Writing and maintaining a blog?

As a woman in the website business world, we want to promote and help women with internet businesses! We’ve been able to help many women expand and get control of their websites (think Save Our Sleep & Polka Dot Bride!) Managing the technical side of a website, or just explaining how it all works!!

Our current women in business specials are…

Commerce Websites

If you’re looking to start selling online, or aren’t happy with the current sales on your commerce website, talk to us about setting you up with an eComMetrix Commerce Website platform. This platform is a proven selling machine!

Women in business will receive a half price setup of their commerce website.

Blog/Wordpress Websites

Are you looking for someone who can help you with your wordpress website and/or blog? Or perhaps you want to setup a new website using this software so that you can maintain your own website and get a blog happening?

We’ll give women in business $500 off their Blog/Wordpress custom theme design and builds.

Contact Felicity at Metrix Operations to talk about our Women in business specials and get your website booming!

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