3 steps to increase your website conversion rateWhat are some simple ways to improve a website’s conversion rate?

I was asked this great question recently! So you know you need a website to promote your business, you know you want it to look good, but how can you turn your website into a lead generation machine?

Here are 3 questions you can ask your website to see if you are maximising your conversion of website visitors to sales leads and customers:

1. Is your contact information easily found?

If you want people to pick up the phone and call you, is your phone number easily available on every page of your site? It sounds simple doesn’t it? But how many websites have you visited and wanted to contact, only to spend the next few minutes searching for how to do so?

This one is simple, if you want people to call your sales team, put your phone number in the header of every page of your website.

2. Does your content talk about how great you are? Or does if focus on identifying and solving your potential customers problems?

Visitors often wind up on your website because they’re searching the internet for a solution to their problem. If you identify that problem with your website visitors straight up, they will feel like they’re in the right place! Natually they’ll want to stay to read on to see if you offer a solution to their problem.

Talking about yourself, and your mission statement isn’t necessarily what they’re looking for! They want to know if you have the service/solution they are looking for.

Remember this formula when writing your website content:

This leads into our next question…

3. Do you have a clear call to action and an easy method of contacting you at the end of your website content?

You’ve identified with your visitor, you’ve offered the solution to their problems, now they’re dying to contact you to get your help! What do they do now? Go back to the top of your page, search your site for how to contact you… then forget why they want to contact you… 😉 Okay, if they REALLY want you they’ll find your details, but why don’t you make it easy for them?? Everyone loves something that makes their life easier.

Have a direct call to action (tell them what to do next) and a contact form at the bottom of your website sales product and services pages. Example: “Like our service? Call us on 03 9029 9182 to speak to an expert, or fill in this form and we’ll call you back”.

Include room in your contact form for:

By putting a contact form on every page, you can increase your enquiries 100 fold.

All the website with your website conversion rate!! Hopefully there’s something here you can take back to your website with you.

Please me know if you’ve been able to apply any of these techniques and how they’ve worked for you.