In this small tutorial we’ll teach you how to Insert an Image into a page or post in WordPress, and link this image to a PDF for your visitors to download via your website.

Upload the PDF

Click “Add Media” at the top of your post or page content .

Drag and Drop your PDF into the Media Uploader window:

Once uploaded, in your “Attachment Display Settings” choose:

Link to “Media File” and highlight and COPY the details in the field below. This is the actual link on your website to the PDF that we’ll need to link the image to.

Upload and Insert Your Image

In the Media Upload again (click “Add Media” at the top of your post or page content creation screen .)

Drag and drop your image into the Media Uploader

Once uploaded go to your “Attachment Display Settings” in the bottom right of the Media Window for that image.

Choose from the “Link to” dropdown, “Custom URL” and PASTE in the URL of the PDF you want the image to link to.

Click the button to Insert this Image into your Post and you’re done!