Small Business: Website Marketing Package

What you need?

Digital marketing help! You have a good looking website you’re proud of but you want people to find it and you want them to contact you! You’re the one with the great service who can help them… they need to know you! That’s where regular website marketing will help. You need:

  • Website optimisation and updates/enhancements
  • Organic SEO recommendations
  • Expert know how

That’s where we can help. Here’s how we helped Duane from Dandenong Signs:

“Thankyou for the advice and we implemented those things. We now rank 1 on google for “dandenong signs” and position 2 for “signs dandenong”. We also rank 1 on the area map. As a result our business is starting to move nicely.

Why us?

  • Experience: We have the technical know how and the website marketing experience from over 15 years in the business. We work with companies to improve their websites every month and that has feed our extensive knowledge of what, how, why and where, when it comes to your website.
  • Knowledge: As developers and creators we know what’s out there that can be used to improve your site, what the best plugins are, what the best online tools are, and we can help make sure you’re using them.
  • Understanding: Having studied website usability, website conversion rates and website marketing we get what works and can help make sure you’re doing it.
  • Communication: We have the technical know how and we’re happy to explain things to you and make sure you understand. We want to make your life easier and your website do the work for you, so you feel in control and in command of the process.

So where to from here? Try our Small Business Monthly Website Marketing Program and see how we can help you make a start on improving your websites traffic, leads and conversion rate.

What you get?

With our small business package, each month you will get:

  • 30 minute phone consultation
  • Site metrics analysis
  • Site health & security analysis
  • Recommendation report for improvements to:
    • Organic SEO including: usability, content marketing suggestions for targeted keywords, recommended external setups
    • Lead generate/ conversion rate
  • 1 hours worth of technical help or development work.